The DenTen Philanthropy Mission

A Donation with Each Policy

Our philosophy is giving back in any and every way we can. By combining this philosophy with a product people have to buy, we’ve turned selling insurance into a way to give back regularly.  

Proceeds from every single policy that is signed (no matter how big or small) is donated to a variety of charitable organizations. 

In fact,  DenTen is committed to more than donating! We are supporting and spreading the word about local, national, and global nonprofit organizations in an effort to support their missions.

You need insurance — why not do something great with it?!


You’re actively giving back and doing good for others — locally, nationally, and across the world!

Click the link below to fill out a quick form and become a part of our incredible mission.

You’ll be connected with one of our expert agents with combined experience of 60+ years, who will help you find the best policy to fit your needs.

Supporting Sustainable & Regenerative Communities

We’re passionate about supporting regenerative communities at home and across the world. 

Collaborating with nonprofits like Forgotten Children of Haiti and The Maya Gold Foundation and others allow us to provide a deeper impact through communities and organizations that are already doing something awesome.

In addition to making donations, we help spread the word about their mission, programs, and events to help them make an even bigger impact.

In the long term, we plan to build the DenTen Foundation. This will be a non-profit that continues to support our Partner Organizations in a deeper way – building a community center, clinic, hospital, or whatever is needed most in each area we support.

Are you part of a nonprofit that’s interested in collaborating with us? Let’s chat! Click the link below.

Here at DenTen, we have a philosophy of giving back to our local and global communities. 

It’s a philosophy that’s been ingrained in our company since the time it was just the seed of an idea. 

In fact, it’s been a way of life for founder, Michael Esposito, since he was a young child. 

His parents, Leonard and Nancy, did a lot to serve their Queens, New York community (and beyond). They also instilled in their three children a desire to do the same.

Anyone can change the world. 

From giving others the clothes off their backs — sometimes literally — to establishing Forgotten Children of Haiti, the Espositos firmly believed anyone can change the world. 

Keep your heart open to helping others whenever and however possible.

There was one experience that embedded this creed in Michael’s heart more deeply than anything else.

When he was 8, Michael and his family took a trip to Port Au Prince, Haiti, where they visited the community his mother grew up in. Seeing the true realities of poverty firsthand helped drive home just how important it was for him to help in any way he could.

While there, they also spent some time at the orphanage that their family had been supporting. 

Rather than seeing despair, Michael saw something more beautiful: love and hope.

Once you’re insured with DenTen, you’re creating a global impact.

He saw children who were safe, loved, and cared for — not only by the people who ran the orphanage, but by the people, like his family, who donated their time, energy, and money to provide them with a stable home environment. 

Out of the memories Michael has of that trip to Haiti, their visit to the orphanage is what stuck with him the most. It was in that moment, he committed to giving back to these children. 

No matter how big or small the gesture may be, you can make a real difference when you open your heart to others.

Generosity above all else.

This experience helped Michael further solidify his personal philosophy of “generosity above all else.” It is the philosophy he held in his heart as he built DenTen from the ground up — and one that weaves itself throughout everything he does.

DenTen Team at Denizen

The DenTen team is committed to making a positive impact for our clients, our employees, in the insurance industry, and in the world. 

When he created DenTen, Michael knew that the core of the company was to find ways to leverage the business’s success to give back to others. 

Not just once a year, but as part of everyday business. Give back with us – get a quote today!

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