Do you have an off- road vehicle, RV, or boat? If so, we want to get you proper coverage so you can focus your next adventure!

No one wants to think about claims or mishaps, but it’s important to be prepared. Some examples of risks covered are:

RV camping

Now let’s answer a few recently asked questions:

“I thought if my home was covered, so were my ATVs.” – James

“ You’re half correct. ATV coverage is usually included in a homeowners policy; BUT only for claims that occur on your home’s property” – DenTen


“Are there any extra coverages available for my off-road vehicle?” – Jesse

“DenTen’s national insurance carriers have policies specified for your usage. What that means is they can offer additional coverages including (but not limited to!) towing trailers, increased limits of liability, or optional equipment. You may also benefit from taking a safety class, or insuring multiple vehicles or policies, as they’ll make you eligible for discounts” – DenTen


“Do I really need boat insurance? What does it cover? I only use my pontoon boat once a year for a day on a calm lake with my family.” – Leila

“Regardless of how often you use the boat, or the type (ie: sailboat, powerboat, pontoon, or fishing vessel) it’s crucial to protect your investment, and your family/friends. Boat policies can include some of the following coverages: medical coverages for you or other passengers in your boat, wreckage removal, fuel spills, towing, liability to pay for damages if there’s an accident, and more. Even if you are a skilled captain, you never know what can happen.” -DenTen


“My partner and I just retired and purchased the RV of our dreams. Our retirement plans include traveling around the country 6 months out of the year, and spending the rest of the time with our extended family. Do I need to pay for annual coverage if I’m only going to use the RV for part of the year?” – Alex

“Congratulations on your retirement and RV purchase! Insurance carriers are used to these type of vehicles being used seasonally, and policies are tailormade to accommodate that schedule. Many companies offer a storage option for parked RV’s, meaning that when you’re not using it, you would suspend coverages. However, you’d usually still be protected from threats such as fire, theft, or storm damage. Your sales agent will discuss all of this and more with you during the quoting process. It’s our goal to find a policy that fits your life and needs.” – DenTen


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