After moving here from Canada, Carolin became an insurance industry professional. She was first scouted by an AFLAC manager years ago, and is now bringing her personal approach to DenTen Insurance. She is always rooting for the “underdog” and is confident that this transition into P&C insurance will ensure business owners know they have someone on their side, bringing valuable knowledge and expertise

Carolin is motivated everyday by her mission to help and educate others. Patience and a positive attitude is what draws clients in and inspires others to refer her to their family and friends. 

In her free time, Carolin volunteers at Hope on A Mission, a non-profit dedicated to helping people surviving homelessness in Poughkeepsie, NY. And when she’s at home you can find her crocheting hats or making a nutritious meal from her vegetable garden. Ask Carolin about her inspirational quote of the day!

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